Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center

Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center is a premium cancer hospital established by the Company in cooperation with the Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, and is the first batch of high-tech projects launched by Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City. Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center will use the leading proton therapy equipment in the world to provide high quality and humanized cancer treatment services for patients in China or abroad. It will be equipped with proton equipment and multiple linear accelerators. Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center covers a land area of approximately 33,000 square meters, and has a planned bed count of 400 beds. GCCC will be equipped with a cutting-edge proton therapy system and multiple linear accelerators. Being one of the district’s key healthcare projects and as guided by the philosophy of providing quality cancer care services to Chinese patients, GCCC will be the patients’ best companion in the fight against cancer.

GCCC is cooperating with MD Anderson Cancer Center and Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center to carry out international cooperation researches on nasopharyngeal treatment. And by relying on the strong scientific and technological strength of the national laboratory, it has formed a clinical and scientific research base featuring proton therapy in southern China and even in the whole China and Southeast Asia.

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