By utilizing China's leading oncology-related integrated solutions featuring precision radiotherapy, i.e. Cloud System Solution (CSS), Concord Medical Group has empowered a wide range of enterprise customer networks, especially medical institutions in low-tier cities, mainly providing medical solutions (including medical equipment and cloud platform solutions), management and technical support, equipment leasing and support services, etc.
The CSS service has achieved development with the evolution of technologies and business needs of enterprise customers over the years, which, at present, has launched Jiahe Feiyun Intelligent Radiotherapy Cloud Service Platform, Jiahe Yunying Telemedicine Information Diagnosis Platform and Jiahe Cloud Asset Management Platform, among them, "Jiahe Feiyun Intelligent Radiotherapy Cloud Service Platform" and "Jiahe Yunying Telemedicine Information Diagnosis Platform" have been shortlisted for the 5G+ medical and health application pilot projects organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Health Commission of China.
Our cloud platform helps improve the quality of tumor treatment in lower-tier cities and alleviate the uneven distribution of major medical resources in China. In 2021, the number of corporate customers served by our network business has reached 88. Specifically, as of December 31, 2021, we have empowered 19 partner hospitals with cloud platform services, management and technical support, and operating leases.
The map below shows the geographic coverage of self-operated medical institutions and partner hospitals:

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