Shanghai Concord Medical Outpatient Department

Shanghai Concord Medical Outpatient Department is affiliated to the Concord Medical Group, a domestic operating platform of Concord Holdings (NYSE: CCM). It is a high-end oncology outpatient center managed and operated in China under the all-round strategic cooperation between the Group and the MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States. The Outpatient Department has taken the lead in completing the field certification of radiotherapy at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The Outpatient Department lies in the core business district of Shanghai Xintiandi. It will collaborate with Shanghai Concord Cancer Center and Shanghai Concord Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center in the New Hongqiao International Medical Center to create an all-round complementary linkage effect by leveraging their respective advantages.

The Outpatient Department has introduced international advanced treatment guidelines, medical procedures and management models, assembled an international team of medical and nursing experts, equipped with the world's leading tumor diagnosis and treatment equipment, and adopted a multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and treatment and full course management model to provide patients with high-end comprehensive tumor diagnosis and treatment services that combine comprehensive tumor prevention, diagnosis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, allowing patients to obtain standardized cancer diagnosis and treatment services closer to their homes.

Those insured patients under the medical insurance system, when going to see a doctor at the Outpatient Department, are able to pay the bill through the medical insurance settlement according to the reimbursement standards of public tertiary hospitals after enjoying the medical services in international standards of Concord Medical. The patient will have to pay by himself or herself for some service items not covered by the medical insurance. The medical services covered by the medical insurance and provided by Shanghai Concord Medical Outpatient Department include general outpatient registration, chemotherapy, linear accelerator radiation therapy, blood examination, imaging examination (such as MRI, CT, B-scan ultrasonography, molybdenum target, electrocardiogram), medicines, and consumables, etc., in the basic medical insurance catalog.

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