Shanghai Concord Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center

Shanghai Concord Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center is a national pilot hospital of the "5G + medical health" application in China. It is an image sharing service platform in Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Center.

As an independent third-party imaging diagnostic center established by Beijing Healthingkon Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Concord Medical Group affiliated to the Concord Holdings (NYSE: CCM), the Center is equipped with GE PET/MR, PET/CT, MRI, CT, DR, ultrasound, molybdenum target and other cutting-edge imaging diagnostic equipment, and will provide medical imaging diagnostic services for many medical institutions in Shanghai New Hongqiao International Medical Park. Meanwhile, it will extend the consultation service of remote imaging diagnosis to the Yangtze River Delta region by using the advanced remote information sharing platform, so that the internationalized and standardized imaging diagnosis service can play a role in a wider range. The Imaging Diagnostic Center will also realize the seamless connection between imaging diagnosis and clinical treatment by integrating the team of experts in the field of oncology and medical service resources within the Group’s network, so that it can initiate system functions such as multidisciplinary joint consultation and extended treatment services once the disease is confirmed with the imaging diagnosis.

While providing high-quality medical imaging examination and diagnosis services, the Imaging Diagnostic Center will pay more attention to protecting the patients and optimizing the experience, so as to provide patients with more meticulous and thoughtful high-end medical services.

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