Yinchuan Meizhong Jiahe Internet Hospital

Yinchuan Meizhong Jiahe Internet Hospital is a subsidiary of Concord Medical Group affiliated to the Concord Holdings (NYSE: CCM). It is a one-stop portal for cancer patients to obtain comprehensive online and offline medical resources. Yinchuan Meizhong Jiahe Internet Hospital has obtained the "Medical Practitioner License" and the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate".

Yinchuan Meizhong Jiahe Internet Hospital utilizes abundant medical professional resources and cooperative hospital resources to provide on-line and off-line medical services that cover the entire tumor diagnosis and treatment cycle, such as online consultations, online appointments, multidisciplinary oncology consultations, whole course management and cancer patient education, so that patients have convenient access to a wider range of higher-quality medical services through Internet hospitals, especially for those patients who receive diagnosis or treatment services at the medical institutions of the Group and need post-treatment health management, rehabilitation consultation and regular check-ups, and for those patients who are unable to visit large general hospitals.


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